Homemade Holiday Inspiration Day 12 – Spice Advent Box Part 1

Before I share today’s inspiration (part 1), I want to say “thank you” to all of you.  I have made so many wonderful friends since I started blogging.  You are always in my corner and I am truly blessed to know each of you.  All of you have inspired today’s post.  Why? Because it is a project for loved ones that live far away.

What is one of the most challenging things you face over the holidays? Mine is that all of my family is far away.  “How far?” you ask. Well I’m in Ohio and the closest relatives are my parents in Kentucky.  My siblings and in-laws all live in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, Oregon and Washington (state).  So the challenges are (a) we don’t see them often so I have no idea what kind of presents that they would like and (b) the cost of shipping is crazy!  So, I’m going to share with you what I am sending them this year.

Late last week I received this package from My Spice Sage.  
Yup, tons of spices.  So what am I going to do with this?  I am creating a spice “advent” box for everyone.  I  purchased 24 different spices.  “What about the 25th day?” you ask.  I am creating a cookbook which has 24 recipes!  Here are the 24 spices that I purchased along with links to the recipes that I am using.
Ground Ginger:  Spiced Candied Cashews
Ground Cardamom:  Indian Rice Pudding
Bay Leaves:  Pasta Bolognese
Ground Cayenne Pepper:  Pesto With A Mexican Twist
Habanero Powder:  Habanero Hot Sauce
Powdered Garlic: Seafood Salad/Dip
Granulated Garlic:  Spiced Popcorn
Cinnamon Sticks:  Indian Style Basmati Rice
Chipotle Sea Salt:  Spicy Smokey Smores Bars
Dried Basil:  Minestrone Soup
Ground Cumin:  Cumin Turkey Burgers
Fennel Seeds:  Spinach Artichoke Dip
Poppy Seeds:  Poppy Seed Bread
Chipotle Powder:  Spicy Hummus
Ground Cinnamon:  Sweet Hummus
Blackening Seasoning:  Blackened Shrimp
Creole Seasoning:  Black Eyed Peas
Ground Cloves:  Chai Latte Mix
Sesame Seeds:  Sesame Green Beans
Onion Powder:   Teriyaki Meatballs
Chinese 5 Spice Powder:  Chinese 5 Spice Cookies
A lot of these recipes come from cooking websites which give you an option to print off recipes in different ways (recipe card size, 8 1/2 x 11, etc). 
My Spice Sage is a great website for purchasing spices and they are having a great sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:  10% or 15% off all orders!  You can purchase spices in 1 oz packages all the way up to 5 lb packages!  What I have done is purchase spices in 1 pound packages and herbs (oregano, basil, bay leaves) in 4 oz packages.  I will be dividing these up into smaller portions to give out to everyone. 
I’ll be posting  how I am packaging these items next week!
I won’t be posting tomorrow as I will be busing “Black Friday” shopping.  I’ll be back Saturday sharing Day 13’s inspiration.
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