Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Fold a Paper Grocery Sack for Storage

I realize in this day and age that many of us are bringing our own bags to the grocery store rather than using the store provided plastic or paper bags.  Now be honest, how many of you own reusable shopping bags but find yourself using them as a general tote more than a shopping bag?  My problem is I have a lot of those bags and I bring them inside with my groceries but forget to return them to my car!  So....you guessed it, I get to the store and end up using some of their bags!  I definitely have to work on this.

When this does occur, I like to get paper whenever possible. Why, you ask?  Well, I feel that paper bags have more secondary uses:  wrapping paper, paper mache, and recycling sorting to name a few.  The problem with paper bags is they are fairly large when the lie flat and if you fold them, they tend to flop around.   When I met my husband, he had a very quick and easy solution to this problem!  Here's how he does it.

Okay, here's my grocery sack.  You first fold it back down like it was at the store before it was opened up to be used for your groceries.

Next you will fold your bottom section.  There is a natural crease there already (you can see it in my first picture...it goes through "right store")  Your bag should look like this one below.

You then fold the top "flap" over the bottom portion that your folded up previously.  Use the edge of the bottom of the bag as your guide.

 I am only holding down the corner of the bag so hopefully you can better see how I made the  first two folds.

Next, you will open up the top flap so that you will be able to tuck the bottom corner into this flap.

Tuck in one corner

Now the other corner

Press down and your bag should look like this!  A small self contained package!

Don't they stack nicely?

Look how nicely they lay on the shelf!

 Pretty sweet...and EASY! 

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