Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Get Your Crap Together Party #5 Decisions Decisions

Well, I'm still working on getting my woman cave/craft area together!  I'm sweating bullets that I won't get it done by Jan 31....but I am making progress!  To recap, I am participating in two challenges.  I found this one first.

I then decided to join this other challenge, as if one is not enough!  But I thought why not try to kill two birds with one stone!  

the space between

My challenge has been that I am not only trying to organize my space, but I have decided to renovate it as well (new floor, adding outlets, changing lighting, painting walls & ceilings).  My poor husband.  He has gotten dragged into this project and he is one busy man.  Being small business owners, our life gets crazy and I have just made it even crazier.  My husband is a very patient and wonderful man.  I am so blessed to have him as a partner. 

My big decision , which I always think is the hardest, is selecting paint.  The color scheme for the room is brown & turquoise.  But now the walls.  I am thinking brown and I purchased some "sample sized" paint in two different colors.  I painted both colors on the wall and then draped my four fabrics on a ladder to try to get a feel for how each will look.  Take a peek.

This is so hard.  I think I am leaning toward either the lighter of the two or perhaps going even darker...yes, picking up a third color to choose from.  Or should I get a very light turquoise?  What do you think?


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