Homemade Holiday Inspiration Day 19 – Pledge Glitter Ornaments

Don’t you just love the sparkly-ness of glitter?  I sure do….but I don’t like the mess.  It seems like no matter how hard you try to clean it up, you will find glittery pieces around for a while.  So, I was so intrigued by the many posts I found floating around Pinterest for creating ornaments with the glitter inside the ornament using Pledge.  I was skeptical and wanted to give this a try.  Well, it worked!

Glitter Ornament with Pledge

Starting from the top left and moving clockwise.
1.  All you need to complete this project is:  clear glass bulb ornament, Pledge Floor Care, Glitter, Funnel and (optional) stickers.
 2.  Remove the ornament hanger from the ornament and pour in about a teaspoon of Pledge.  Using your finger, cover the ornament opening and gently shake so Pledge coats the entire interior surface.  Pour any excess Pledge back into the bottle.
3.  Using a funnel, pour some glitter into the ornament.  Like you did with the Pledge, cover the ornament opening and gently shake to coat the interior with glitter (add more glitter if necessary and if you have excess, you can pour it out and use for your next ornament)
4.  Replace your ornament hanger and you have a beautiful, glittery, no-mess ornament.  
5.  I decided to add a bit more interest to my ornament so placed some of the leftover stickers from my washi tape and sticker coasters on the exterior of the ornament.  LOVE it!
This project took minutes.  The Pledge was a bit pricey (almost $7.00) but it would make TONS of ornaments (or I could use it on my floor….NOT!).  If you decide to add stickers to the outside of your ornament, make sure they are not too large or you will get creases in them since you are working on a rounded surface.
Just one more day of inspiration.  Boy this has gone fast!  Also, don’t forget that tomorrow begins our link party and “competition” for a host of prizes.  Check back for details!
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  1. says

    I was curious if that project worked! Your ornaments came out super cute!!! Although my son just discovered glitter and I am still cleaning that up, so I may have to pass until he is older

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