Homemade Holiday Inspiration Day 11 – Instant Snowman Ornament

All of my children have been, or currently are, involved in Scouting/Venturing.   We’ve spent many summers  at either day camp or resident camp.  Tons of good times!  Anyway, one of the things my daughter did in Girl Scouts was to participate in Swaps:  A small handmade item that you pin on a hat that is a remembrance of an event or activity.  Today’s homemade inspiration came from this Instant Snowman Girl Scout Swap.  

Instant Snowman Ornament

clear glass bulb ornament
black fun foam
2 black pony beads
orange pipe cleaner
2 small sticks
white glitter or white craft snow
scrapbook paper
string/bakers twine
Remove the hanger from the glass bulb
Cut/prepare the following pieces and then place inside of your ornament:  1. from the felt, cut out a “scarf” and “mittens”,  2.  from the black fun foam cut out a “top hat”, and  3.  cut a piece of the orange pipe cleaner for your nose.   Add the pony beads (eyes), the 2 small sticks (arms), and the glitter/craft snow (snow) to your ornament.  Place the hanger back onto your ornament.
Create an “instruction” label with scrapbook paper and write, “Instant Snowman. Just add water and freeze”.  Tie this label onto the ornament hanger.

The ornament on the top left used glitter for snow while the ornament on the top right used craft snow.  You can see my instruction labels in the bottom left and the bottom right shows 6 ornaments ready for gift giving.
I hope you enjoyed this fun and simple ornament.  Tomorrow I’m going to share with you what I am preparing for my family who live far away.  I think you’ll like it!
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