Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painting and Dyeing Upholstered Furniture

My husband and I have been small business owners for our entire marriage.  This has meant that our income has always been feast or famine.  So, when it has come to furniture and home improvements, we have never had the funds to go out a purchase whole new sets:   dining rooms sets, bedroom sets, family room sets.

Also, December of 2010 we rescued our amazing furry friend, Curtis. As a lab/beagle mix, he is such a social creature.  Curtis loves to snuggle with you on the couch or chair.   Even though he is sweet, I would not trust him with a brand new sofa....I think I would spend more time yelling at him than loving on him.

What does this mean?  Goodwill, of course!  I have found a new couch, chair and a half plus ottoman, and chair for our family room.  None of them match color wise or style.  I was thinking about reupholstering them or making slipcovers.  But now I am intrigued by two other techniques I have floating around blogland and the internet:  painting and dying your upholstered furniture.  Here are some links to sites I've found.

A Pinterest Addict used Tulip Fabric Spray Paint to create this beautiful chair.

Not Just a Housewife used DecoArt So Soft fabric paint for this beauty.

Hyphen Interiors used latex paint, fabric medium, and acrylic paint for this transformation

Hyphen Interiors used just acrylic paint and fabric medium in this transformation

Kara Paslay Designs used purple RIT dye to create this gorgeous chair

Wrinkler Avenue turned cranberry chairs into navy chairs with paint

No Sugar did this transformation with paint

What do you think?  Is painting a piece of upholstered furniture a good thing?  Is it best to go with re-upholstering or making slipcovers?

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