Ice Cream Tub Turned Gift Basket

I hate how much trash I generate especially when I see “potential” in that “trash”.  This results in a stash of “future treasurers” which drives my husband nuts. He thinks I should just toss stuff and only collect items when I have a definite plan for them.  (Of course, he’s always love when I create something for virtually nothing.)
Anyway, our neighborhood grocery store had a great sale on ice cream a while back.  After we consumed the ice cream goodness, I washed out the tubs and put them aside for a future project.  Well, the future is here! 
I started with my clean, empty ice cream tub and a can of spray paint.

I went to a well ventilated  area (outside) and placed my tub on top of some scrap cardboard and began spraying.   It took two light coats on the outside and inside to cover the tub completely.  

The two coats provided good coveage.  However, there were two problems:  1.  the oval from the label is still apparent and 2. there is a drip on the upper left side of the “oval”.
I had some scraps of fabric leftover from my woman cave project so I decided to make some fabric flowers.  I then hot glued them to hide the oval and paint drip.
I found a color coordinated bandanna, placed my gifts inside, and tied it shut.  Look what a cute package it is!

So my new package has a reusable tub (decorated with fabric scraps) and a reusable bandanna.  I think I’ll be making more of these this holiday season.  Wouldn’t this be a beautiful way to give Christmas cookies and confections?

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