Monday, September 24, 2012

Paisley Canvas Art With Cutting Edge Stencils!

In blogland and on Pinterest, there are so many different ideas for DIY canvas art.  I decided I wanted to try my hand at making something for my dining room.  My thoughts are to have a canvas with 5 color blocks with a letter in each block so that is says "E-N-J-O-Y".  I also thought I would be great to use my Cutting Edge Small Paisley Stencil for some background interest.  Take a look at what I did!

Canvases were 50% off so I picked up this one (24" x 48).  I also picked up a can of Krylon metallic spray paint in silver.

After removing the plastic wrap, I took the canvas outside.  I placed the canvas on an inverted planter atop a piece of cardboard so I could spray paint the canvas easily:  even the sides.  It took two coats of silver paint to cover the canvas really well.  This stuff dries FAST!  I only waited 15 minutes before spraying on the second coat.  Then I only needed to wait 1 hour before I went onto the next step.  (Sorry for the tree shadow...the canvas really is completely silver now.)

I wanted a band of silver blocking each colored pane.  To accomplish this, I used blue painters tape.  Make sure you press down the edges of the tape well.

 These are the paints I used for each color block.  I applied each with a disposable foam brush. 

So, here you can see the canvas with each block "colored" in.  After only about 5 or 10 minutes, I carefully removed the blue painters tape.  (If you wait until your paint is completely dry, you run the risk of it coming off when you remove the tape).

Here's the canvas with the tape removed.  I think it looks pretty sharp.  I waited about an hour or so until the paint was thoroughly dried.

Now it's time to add the cool paisley with the stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I wanted my paisleys to be a bit more translucent so I decided to use Martha Stewart's Metallic Glaze.  I also have my foam roller to  help with the application process.

 Next,  I poured some of the metallic glaze onto an old ice cream tub lid.  This gave me a nice flat surface so I could load up my sponge roller with glaze.

I positioned the stencil onto the canvas and rolled my "loaded" applicator over the stencil.

Here's my canvas right after I applied all the paisleys...the glaze is still wet.  (It took a LONG time to dry)

Here's my canvas the next day!  I think it turned out pretty sweet!  (My hubby thinks so too!)

Now, here's my dilemma.  I'm afraid that if I add the "E-N-J-O-Y" it will be too much.  I think I like it just the way it is!  What do you think?  Would you add anything else or keep it like it is?

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