Spirit Mondays #2 (although it’s Tuesday) – No Sew Blanket

I apologize for my Monday post appearing on Tuesday!  My internet has been down at my home since Thursday afternoon and boy has it put a crimp in my life.  It’s funny how conveniences become necessities, isn’t it?

Okay, let’s get back on topic:  School/Team Spirit Mondays!  This past weekend my husband and I went down to Athens, Ohio to watch the Ohio University Bobcats and their amazing marching band (the Marching 110!)  My daughter was a freshman at the University (and in the band) fall of 2009 and you’ll never guess what song the band danced to at homecoming that year.   Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train”!  Check it out.

Anyway, this past Saturday was the best day for a football game. It was a beautiful day:  sunny, breezy, 70+ degrees F.  Simply gorgeous.  However, when you look around you see that the leaves are changing color and you know these beautiful days will soon be replaced by cold, crisp ones.  It’s time to start bringing a blanket to the game (or curl up with on the sofa).  If you can’t sew, don’t sweat it.  This blanket doesn’t require anything but some fleece, scissors and optional masking/painters tape.

No Sew Fleece Spirit Blanket

The first thing you’ll need are 2 pieces of fleece:  one piece for each of your team’s colors.  Here’s my fabric.

I purchased 1.5 yards of each color because I wanted a blanket large enough for when I am lounging on my couch.  If you were looking for a lap blanket, you could probably use 3/4 to 1 yard of each color.
The first thing I did was spread my two pieces out, one on top of the other, and trimmed off the selvage edges and made sure the other edges were evened up.
Now, I did want to take a moment to recommend these fiskar shears that have spring action.  See, when you unlock them they spring open.  This type of scissor will help keep your hand from cramping up.

I decided that I wanted to have my fringe pieces be 8 inches long.  (However, you could make your fringe as short as 4 inches to save on fabric).

1.  I took a piece of notebook paper and trimmed it down so that it was 8 inches square.
2.  I took this square (piece of paper) and used it as a template on the the left corner of my prepared fabrics.
3.  You can see where I cut out the square of fabric. You will complete this on all 4 corners of your fabric.

Next, I took a piece of painters tape and “taped” a line between two “cut-out” squares on one side.   This gives you a temporary line 8″ away from your edge.  You will repeat this on all 4 sides of your blanket.

Now, using your scissors, you want to cut 1 inch strips all 4 edges of your blanket.  

After you have finished cutting all your fringe, tie the top and bottom strips together in a square knot.  Note:  be sure to always start with the same colored piece so it looks uniform.   If you are tying each pair the same, they should lie like this.

Look, you now have a warm blanket to use while cheering for your favorite team!
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