Powerful Tool for Giveaways – Rafflecopter

Okay, I love getting packages in the mail.  I also love winning free things.  I bet you love these two things also!  Am I right?

Now, you know your readers are probably like you and me.  How can everyone win?

A powerful tool on the web is rafflecopter.  It makes hosting a giveaway super easy. If you’d like to create a giveaway go here to check out rafflecopter. They also have a wonderful blog, that I’m embarrassed to say I just found today, that gives great information on how to utilize this wonderful tool.  Find the blog here.  
If you have never entered a rafflecopter giveaway, check this out to learn more!

The Anatomy of a Rafflecopter Giveaway - Infographic
Courtesy of: Rafflecopter

So, let put some smiles on everyone’s faces and get some giveaways going!

4 You

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