One Lovely Blog Award

I just opened my e-mail and found that Marsha of The Better Baker (she’s a good cook but a better baker) has given be the One Lovely Blog Award.

Before I continue with this award, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Marsha’s wonderful blog if you haven’t visited her before.  First off, she has a page with links to her column in the Leader Enterprise (the paper of Montpelier, OH!)  She even has a cookbook.   Marsha also hosts a link party every Friday, Weekend Potluck so go link up your favorite recipes or see what others are cooking.  Okay, now back to the award.  

Rules of the Award:
1. Display the blog award.
2. Create a link to the site that nominated you.
3. Write 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Display the links of the blogs you love and pass on the award

Okay, 1 and 2 are completed so onto 3:  7 random facts about myself.

  1. I am the youngest of 3.  My sister is the oldest and attended OSU (Ohio State) then comes my brother who attended IU (Indiana University) and then 7 years later I came along and I attended OSU, like my sister.
  2. It’s summer olympics time and I remember LOVING to watch the olympics when I was a kid.  Regarding summer olympics, I used to LOVE watching gymnastics and swimming.  I remember my one friend’s older sister had a poster of Mark Spitz in his speedo “sporting” all his medals on her wall and I also remember Olga Korbut’s amazing flexibility on the balance beam!
  3. My first celebrity crush was Donny Osmond….he was sssssoooo cute!
  4. So often, I join a volunteer organization to just help to find myself having volunteered to lead something…I need someone to save me from myself!
  5. Not only am I the third child in my family, my husband is the third child in his and the two of us have 3 children…..we must have a thing for the number 3!
  6. I was born in Iowa but grew up in Kentucky.  In fact, my parents still live in the house I grew up in (KY).
  7. You will find me taking my knitting everywhere I go.  It makes waits at the doctor’s office go much more quickly.  One of my favorite take a long projects are socks!
Okay, now onto number 4: blogs I love.  This is so hard because I LOVE all the blogs I follow.  So we go.
3 of the blogs I first began to follow:
Rachael of Lovely Crafty Home
Lindsay of Artsy Fartsy Mama
3 of my favorite blogs for cooking inspiration:
Kristin of Grateful Belly
3 of my favorite crafting blogs:
Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects
3 of my favorite fun/inspirational blogs:
Jutta of Creative Chaos
3 of my new blogging friends:
Emily of Insanity Rules
3 of my most supportive blogging friends:
Danni of Silo Hill Farm
Anne of Domesblissity
All of the blogs I follow are wonderful and inspire me each day.  It’s always so hard to choose just a few to honor!  
Thanks again, Marsha, you made my day!
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  1. says

    Marilyn, You are SO sweet! I love your blog too! I’m so blessed to have readers like you and I’m so excited to know that my blog inspires you!! Thank you so much! And inspired by you, I posted a clickable button post! I hope it helps you :)

  2. says

    Darling Marilyn, i just re-discovered your email and this award! it somehow got lost on holiday. thank you so so much, i am honored to be amongst your list of favorites.
    a big hug and lots of love

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