Crochet, Crochet, Everywhere…Especially on Ravelry

When I was a kid in 4-H I learned how to crochet.  My first project was a granny square ball.  It was a great project to learn on due it being small…quick gratification!  Right now my passion is knitting but my June Package Pal is a crocheter.  So this had me investigating crochet patterns.

Where to look? Well, as we all know, Pinterest is a GREAT place to find inspiration for all of our DIY/crafting projects.  You will find some knitting and crochet ideas/patterns as well, but it’s not the best place.  Ravelry is like Pinterest but so much more.  It’s free to join.  Here’s some of what you will find when you join:  free crochet and knitting patterns, patterns for sale, groups to join, friends, linking your blog to Ravelry and so much more!  Here are some great (free) crochet patterns I found on Ravelry.

From Things to Make and Do, you will find a granny square tutorial series that ends with this post on joining granny squares.
Colour in a Simple Life has a lot of cool crochet ideas.  A couple are
Crochet with Raymond has some vibrant amazing crochet designs.  Are few are
Red Heart Yarn had these two free patterns on Ravelry
and this fun Hoodie Vest
There are thousands of patterns on Ravelry.  Check it out and join!  You won’t be disappointed.  
Of course, any gathering of inspirational projects would not be complete without sharing some Pinterest love.  So, from Pinterest……
from Hannicraft some great blue coasters
from Yarning a twist on the granny square:  it starts as a circle and ends as a square.
Finally, just searching the web, you can find grannies/crochet goodies.  Sarah London has a great eye for color and some gorgeous free patterns.  One is Hawaiian Flowers
Sarah also has an amazing book that is all about Granny Squares.  Here it is.
Here are a couple of the patterns you will find in this amazing book.

Okay, are you inspired to pick up your hook?  I think I am.
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