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I am so much more a paper and pencil girl than I am a technology girl.  That being said, I just set up my 4 You-With Love facebook page!

I’m still learning how all the social networks connect with each other.  It took me probably 3 hours to figure out how to put my facebook “like” button on the blog.  Pretty sad, I know.  However, I am slowly getting more and more internet/computer savvy.

Now, my next quest is to learn how everyone has all their “follow” options in one area of their blog with a icon for each.  Baby steps, I know!


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    I LIKE it! LOL I’m paying someone to do that for me. LOL (I found a good graphic designer to give my blog a makeover and while she was at it I got her design me some social media buttons.) I think if you Google ‘social media buttons’ there some tutorials on how to do it Marilyn but I just couldn’t get the right design I wanted. The big reveal shouldn’t be too far away, hopefully. You’re doing so well. Far better than I.

    Anne xx

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    Good for you!! That’s awesome… you’re on Blogger right ? At least that’s what it says at the bottom of your page.. Blogger I’m learning a lot faster than I did WordPress.. I had WordPress first and then went to Blogger because I thought it was so much more user friendly… @Anne,I’d love to know what a deal like that cost … I’d love for someone to help me get design and buttons down… but I’m guessing it’s not cheap….

    Keep up the good work on your blog… it looks good!

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