Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blogging Tips #1

Well, it's a crazy weather day here in Ohio.  I don't think mother nature knows what season it is!  Today it is 35 degrees F and it is spitting snow.  We have only had one snow this year with any accumulation and only about a week of really cold weather.  This is very odd.

Anyway, my focus is still working on my woman cave/craft area.  I am making progress, believe it or not.  My husband is finishing up the wiring this weekend.  I am hoping to plaster holes and paint.  I've chosen my colors but it's a surprise!  You'll see soon enough!

The two big projects that I have completed are my

Since it's a wonderful Saturday where I will be busy painting and such, I thought I'd share a couple of links with you that have great blogging tips.  I'm new at blogging and so I greatly appreciate any assistance I can get.

This first link is one I found when I linked up to a wonderful linking party.  The blog is . and the specific post is

The second source of information is from a blog I follow,  Danielle had a whole series full of information on how to set up your blog and make it your own.  Check out these links!

How to Revamp Your Tab Section

Just saw this post from another blog I follow,  These items don't affect me, I'm way too new to the blogging world. Perhaps this may be of interest to all of you who are more wordly or "blogly" then me.
Alternatives to Picnik and Google Friends Connect

I really need to sit down and revamp my blog so it is not so "off the shelf" and more my own.  It's on my to do list.  So, while I'm painting, and hustling to finish my room, take a look at theses two sites and see if they have anything that will make your weekend special!


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