Sewing Plans

Okay, you probably thought all I did was knit and occassionally cook.  Well, like most fiber enthusiasts, I also love to sew.  In fact, sewing was the first “home” art I learned as a child.  My mother taught me but she is such a sweet woman, she would tear out my mistakes and such.  When I was 13, I took a class at a Singer store in our mall and I didn’t have my mom to fall back on.  That is when I learned to be an independent sewer and totally own my projects (mistakes and all!).

Like so many fiber arts, we learn them from our family and then either our children learn to love them as well or they feel the need to be independent and do not acquire these skills.  Fortunately, my daughter loves to sew (and craft) as well.  This means that while we were Black Friday/weekending it, we stopped by JoAnn’s Fabrics and picks up some goodies.  Here’s what we got!

My daughter loves cupcakes so this flannel jumped out at me!
Everyone has a friend that is always there through thick and thin…no questions asked.  Well, my friend is Kathleen and she has a westie and scottie dog….I’m thinking some napkins
My older son has a great sense of humor so I’m thinking some pajama bottoms out of this flannel
My husband likes to say he’s “Scrooge” so I’m thinking some pillow cases
Our lovely 1 year old lab/beagle mix could use a pillow out of this fleece!

I think all of this will be pretty fun for my special someones….I just didn’t find anything for my youngest son…yet!

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    I really like that reindeer flannel! I envy anyone who knows how to sew. I bought a Husky Star several years ago, but when it had to go in for repairs not long after, I just stuck it in the corner after it was fixed and haven’t touched it since. I was trying to figure out how to do a blind hem and obviously did something wrong to break it, and now am afraid to try anything else for fear of breaking it again!

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