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Okay, ladies.  What is the one household chore that never ends?  Yup.  It’s laundry.  No matter how many loads you do, there’s always more.  Have you ever been tempted to do the laundry in the buff just so you can say everything’s clean?  This is a bit extreme but here’s some ideas to help make laundry less of a “chore”.

My personal tip.
My husband and I have 3 children, two of whom are in college.  This past Christmas break, the laundry was huge….and the sorting of socks and clothes…UGH!  Here’s what has helped me a lot.  We have two “communal” laundry baskets upstairs.  One is for towels and one is for jeans.  Then, everyone has a laundry basket in their room for their own dirty clothes (socks, underwear, shirts, etc).
Now, I can grab a basket of towels, a basket of jeans, or a personal basket when doing laundry.  The sorting is so easy now ’cause it’s either just towels, just jeans, or only one individual’s clothes.  No sorting through tons of socks where I not only find sock mates but also determine who’s socks they are.  Nope, the folding and sorting process is so much quicker and easier now!
Here are some other ideas for you.
You will find Tips for perfect laundry that includes a printable Stain Removal Guide
If you make your own soap from scratch, this homemade laundry stain stick may be something you’d like to try.
Becky shares her laundry day tips
You can “upscale” your laundry experience by beautifying your laundry detergent dispenser
I’d love to have a drying rack in my laundry room, wouldn’t you?  You can find the tutorial to make this great rack here.
What are your laundry tips?  I’d love to learn ways to minimize this “chore” so I have more time for crafting, creating, and cooking!
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    Honestly, I once went to the store to buy more underwear as a means to put off doing laundry for a few more days…. so, there’s a great tip for you to try! :)

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    What a darn good idea to sort out the family laundry in that way! Well done actually training them to put their stuff in the right receptacles in the first place! Actually, I don’t mind laundry (or didn’t) when I was not alone – now I only have to do it about twice a week, and where I live we have a laundry room (complete with racks!) where we dry our stuff out of the way. That was the worst bit for me: not the ironing. I like that, because it’s when I often get my most creative ideas! Happy washing1


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