Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Homemade Holiday Inspiration Day 16 - Recycled Snowman

Have you ever looked at an empty container and envisioned something else?  I have.  Yup!  Look what I'm sharing with you today!

Recycled "Mini Toppers" Container Snowman

Empty Mini-Toppers container
Felt sheet
Piece of string/baker's twine/yarn
E-6000 glue
Sharpie Paint Pens in Orange and Black

Step 1:  Remove the label from your Mini-Topper container
Step 2:  Cut your sheet of felt in half shortwise.
Step 3:  Get your E-6000 glue (tip, put some vaseline on the tip of your E-6000 container before you close it to keep it from gluing shut)
Step 4:  Glue your felt onto the top of your Mini-Topper container, folding the bottom over to make a "cuff". It will take a few minutes for the glue to set so you will need to hold onto the felt until it sets up.

Step 5:  Cut the top of your felt down in strips approximately 1/2 the length.
Step 6:  Using bakers twine/string/yarn, tie the hat at the base of your cut strips....this will make a "pom pom" on the top of your hat.  Trim the strips down if needed to create a nice "pom pom" shape.  I trimmed mine down about an inch.
Step 7:  You will use sharpie PAINT pens to draw details onto your snowman.
Step 8:  Draw on coals eyes, mouth and buttons with the black paint pen.  Draw on your carrot nose with the orange paint pen.

Here's the finished snowman.  

I can't believe how fast these 20 days of inspiration are going.  I hope you have found some inspiration.  I'll see you tomorrow with Day 17's project!

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