Monday, July 30, 2012

Three Places to Save on Craft Supplies

Okay, test time!  What! Did I say "test"?  Yes I did.  It's a multiple choice test.  Are you ready?

Here's the question.

Why do you craft?
(Did I just hear you breathe a sigh of relief?)

A.  I craft because it's fun
B.  I craft to save money
C.  I craft so I can make the perfect one of a kind gift/item
D.  All of the above

Well, I don't know about you but my answer is a big "D", all of the above!  I'd like to share 3 places I've found to purchase craft supplies at a discount.  Here they are!

Blue Mining Deals showcases a different craft supply each day at significant savings.  It is not like a craft store where you can shop for different supplies.  There is just the daily deal so you have to act fast.  Register your e-mail so you are one of the first to learn of the day's deal.

Pick Your Plum, like Blue Mining Deals showcases a different item each day at significant savings.  Pick Your Plum runs their specials for a limited amount of time for a limited number of items so you have to act fast.  You also should register your e-mail so you can be one of the first to learn of the current deal.

Hobby Lobby has a 40% off any item coupon each week.  You can find it online by clicking on "see today's in-store ad".  This coupon is good both in stores and online and that's not all!  You can print off a coupon and use a different one each day....yes use 6 coupons each week (stores are closed on Sunday).  This coupon is also available each week!  

I hope these links help you craft in style on a shoestring budget!  

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