Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Noro Bonbori Scarf

I just love Noro yarns.  The colors are gorgeous and I really love the long color changes.  I usually like to knit Noro yarn projects where the colors are showcased in big blocks.   However when I was knitting up the scarf for my Christmas in July exchange, I found the Bonbori had so many textures going on that trying to incorporate pattern stitches (like seed stitch, cables, or drop stitches) didn't showcase the yarn. In fact, it seemed that the yarn and the pattern stitches were actually fighting with one another.  What to do?  Turn the scarf on the side.

Noro Bonbori Scarf

2 skeins of Noro Bonbori (Iro would also work)
32" or longer US 13 circular needle

Finished Size
4.5" x 48"

Does not matter

Cast on 140 stitches (I used the long tail cast-on)
Knit every row until your scarf is 4.5 inches wide
Loosly cast off

Block your scarf.

Cut 12" pieces of yarn for fringe and attach.

When knitting a scarf, you want to increase your needle size 1-2 sizes.  This will allow your scarf to drape nicely.

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