Thursday, July 26, 2012

I've Got Mail!

Remember how much I LOVE getting surprises in the mail?  Well, I'm super pumped! I just got another goodie in the mail. When I participated in June Package Pals (hosted by CRAFT) I received an email from Michaela of Covered in Mod Podge inviting me to participate in   "Creative Exhange".  Well, I do love giving gifts and get so excited when a package arrives in the mail so I just couldn't resist.

My Creative Exchange partner is Emily Humphries of Insanity Rules.  She is crazy busy with three young boys. Let me tell you, Emily is one talented lady.  Anyway,  here's what arrived!

The anticipation is killing me.......I am like a little kid at Christmas!

Look what's inside!

OMG isn't this card amazing?  This is so my life.  Emily, it's beautiful!!

And look at these beautiful napkins that she stamped.  Emily has such a great eye for color and beauty!  There were two in the package.  I think these would actually make wonderful window treatments in my bathroom redo.....BEAUTIFUL!

I hope Emily likes the present I put in the mail to her!  I had hoped to mail it a couple of days ago but life got in the way.

THANK YOU, Emily for making my day!  Also, check out her blog, Insanity Rules.  I think you'll enjoy it!

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