Christmas in July – A great gift exchange!

Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects is hosting a huge Christmas in July event.  It started out with bloggers signing up to be “Christmas Gift Exchange Buddies” and it now has a huge giveaway along with some great projects/tutorials to motivate us all.  Check it out!

Anyway, I decided to participate in gift exchange and Adrianne matched me up with Debbie of On the Refrigerator Door.  Debbie is great!  She’s an architect whose favorite color is purple and loves how the color green compliments purple.  Debbie also loves scarves.  Well, that’s all I needed to know! It was time to get out the knitting needles!  Here’s what I sent her!

I ran across some Noro yarn called Bonbori  It had greens and purples in it along with a thick/thin neon yarn spun throughout.  It just called to me for this project.  I picked up two skeins for her scarf.  After I knitted the scarf, I decided to add some Christmas goodies from Bath and Body Works:  soap and candle.

I packed up the goodies, added a Christmas Card and the label from the yarn (so Debbie could see the care instructions) and put it in the mail last Friday.  I love giving gifts!

Well, when I went out to get my mail yesterday, there was a package!  I was so pumped.  It really is like Christmas!  When I removed the wrapping it was a Fiber One box (yummy treats but not nearly as yummy as what was acutally inside the package)!

Debbie put so much thought into this.  I don’t know if you can see the awesome magnets she made but there are 3.
  1. One has my blog button on it!
  2. One has poinsettias along with my anniversary date (I was married on Dec 29)
  3. One has knitting needles and yarn.
Debbie definitely made sure this gift fit….She’s awesome!  Thanks Debbie for the goodies and thanks to Adrianne for coordinating this!
4 You

Update:  You can find directions for this scarf here.

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