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Although my kids are getting older, I still remember some of the great kid crafts that they did.  The one that blew me away was done by my daughter at Girl Scout Day Camp when she was about 10.  She came home and announced she had made a website.  

What did she say?  
A website….at camp?




Oh, it’s a play on words.  

She made a place for spiders to spin their webs….get it?   

A website?  

I hear you groaning but also laughing.

It’s a very easy project that you can do with any age of kids.  There are very few items needed and it’s pretty quick.

First, gather 5 paint stir sticks for each website you are making.

Lay 4 so that they make a square and the 5th one will be what will stick into the ground.  Glue them in place.  I used a glue gun but you could also use elmer’s glue all.

Once your sticks are glued into place (and dried if using elmer’s glue) take some hemp and “lash” the sticks together.

Now it’s time to personalize.  Have the kids come up with a great website address.  It could be something like:,,, or whatever the kids choose.  You can use either a paint pen or sharpie marker to write your URL.

Now kids can decorate their website however they choose.  This was with sharpie markers.  They could also use paint and fingerprint butterflies.  Let them go crazy.

Now, set your website out in your garden.  I wonder how long it will take a spider to spin his web?

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