Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ugly Plastic Tray No More!

Every time I come home from Goodwill, my husband just sighs.  Although he shakes his head initially, he is always amazed at how things are transformed!  I found an ugly green plastic tray for $1 but with some spray paint, pebbles, and floral water...well look at the transformation!

 Start with spray paint of choice and in a well ventilated area, paint your tray with light coats.  I did two coats on each side with the green still peeking through in places.  I thought this added a nice dimension to the final product.

Once your tray is painted and dried, open your bag of stones and spread them on your tray.  Following product instructions, prepare your floral water and pour over your stones.  Now just wait (mine needed 24-48 hours to cure).

Look!  It's a complete transformation.  You would never know this had been an ugly green plastic tray!

Floral water is a pretty cool product...and so easy to use!  I think it's time to head  back to Goodwill!  ;)

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