My Backyard Plans/Inspiration

My husband and I “own” an old victorian home that was built in 1888. Our lot is a huge 50′ by 150’….oooooo! This means our backyard is not all that large. Here, take a look and see some of my plans (which I am sure will not get completed this season….but a girl can dream, can’t she?)

I think I’ll put a patio here

 Along the neighbor’s white garage I’d like to plant some hardy kiwis!

 Along the other neighbor’s ugly fence I think I’ll put up some pallet gardens
 Along the rock fence has been my garden and compost pile (I believe I’ll move my compost pile)
 To the left of my shed I plan to grow some potatoes…the shed I’m not sure what I am going to do exactly.

So here is some of my inspiration, found on Pinterest, of course!
I’ve got to get hopping on these projects.  It’s getting awfully hot awfully soon.  Cheer me on! 
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    I LOOOVE your ideas!! Your yard has a lot of potential. I wish we could do our own lawn care and gardening… We rent so have to abide by the rules in place. My husband and I still talk about maybe doing a little landscaping around the one tree we have in our yard and fix up the bushes that were never pruned and kept in shape around our house… :) I have to say pallet idea 1 is my FAVORITE! That is so cool!!! But they all look really neat. Have fun with your yard! :)

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