Blogging Tips #6

I am always so amazed that for everything I learn, I realize there is so much more I didn’t know.  I find this truly amazing.  Then, when I do discover something new, I just have to share it!  I can’t keep my mouth shut!  (I still have problems with surprises…I just get so darn excited!)

Anyway, I’m in my 7th month of blogging and I have learned a lot about blogger and the blogging world.  I do have to admit that there is so much more tools/resources in blogland than I had even imagined when I first started:   Pinterest, Link Parties, Rafflecopter, and Picmonkey just to name a few.  So, in my blabber mouth way, I’ve found some more blogging tip posts I’d like to share with you!

Janel from Hating Martha has some great blogging dos and don’ts

The Nester from Nesting Place has some great info on Pinterest and your blog.
Marianne of Songbird has a great post about a great option to GFC – Readers


Amy of One Artsy Mama has a great post about Hosting Giveaways

Holly of 504 Main has lists 10 Tips for Bloggers

Sandra of The Sensible Mom has 8 Useful Plugins for WordPress

Gigi of The Kudgy Mom has a whole page of Blogging Tips

Kludgy Mom

Geri of My Heart Art has 4 posts on building a store on blogger

Blogelina has tips from pros on investing wisely in your blog

Mindie of Bacon Time With the Hungry Hungry Hypo shares her tips for bloggers
Margo of Joyful Homemaking shares 10 things she’s learned her first year of blogging

See, I just can’t keep a secret…..especially when it shouldn’t be a secret!  Happy blogging!

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