Friday, April 13, 2012

Alcohol Painted (Inked) Tiles -- AMAZING!

Have you ever gone to a store looking for one thing and left with something totally different?  This happens to me more than I'd like to admit and it happened the other day.  I had been hearing so much about washi tape and it thoroughly intrigued me.  There is a project I have in mind and so I went in search of some.  I was not having much success and the last store I went to was Hobby Lobby.  I didn't leave with washi tape but I left with some alcohol ink.  I just tried it out on some ceramic tiles and look.....

Aren't these cool?  It is so super easy.  I don't know if I am going to use these for coasters or perhaps another project.  If you look at the tiles you will see 4 have fun blobs of color and 4  have a sponged look.  Well, each set was done differently.  Here's what I did.

For Sponged Looking Tiles (with alcohol ink)

I purchased a special stamp for this but next time I would take an old stamp and glue on a piece of velcro (the sticky/toothy side).  Then cut a piece of felt the same size as your velcro and "stick" it to your stamp.  Add drops of your alcohol ink (whatever colors you are using) onto the felt.

Now just stamp away...covering the entire tile (this picture is after just a few stamps)

Here's the 4 finished stamped tiles

For Swirly Blobby Colored Tiles with Alcohol Paint (Ink)

With these tiles I first put a few drops of blending medium on the tiles and spead it over the entire tile with a foam brush.

Now all you do is drop the paint (ink) onto the tile and see what happens!

And here are 2 finished tile using the "drop" method

This is really cool.  I'll be trying to use these inks on some upcoming on the lookout!


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