This Weather Is Amazing – Get Ready to Garden

The weather we have been having this winter (and now spring) has been so unusual.  We had very little snow and very little truly cold weather here in Ohio.  Now we’ve been having spring for a couple of weeks with summer-type temperatures this past week.  The grass is green and needs mowing, my lilac bushes are budding, a friend even saw a couple of snakes the other day!

Here’s my dilemma.  Ever since we’ve been in our house, I’ve followed the rule that I put my garden in on Mother’s Day.  By the second Sunday in May, the risk of frosts and freezes that could kill seedlings is pretty low.  Should I go a head a prepare my garden now, almost 7 weeks ahead of schedule?  Will there be a huge freeze or frost that will kill off my garden?  While I decide what to do, I thought I’d share some cool gardening/outdoor projects that have caught my eye.


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    Thanks for posting these ideas! Esp the one about pests, I have a feeling they’ll be bad this summer, we didn’t have enough cold to knock them back. thanks for sharing them.

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