Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blogging Tips #4

Yes, another installment of blogging tips!  I am so excited at all the information out there.  What has me the most jazzed is finding ideas from other bloggers who link up at "crafty/cooking" types parties explain things so well.  What happens to me so often is when I try to find answers on blogger "help" sites or other technically driven sites, the solution is written way above my head and I leave so confused.  My fellow crafting blogger write things on a level that I can understand.  To all of you, THANK YOU!!  So, here are some more tips/blogs I'd like to share with you!

How to Align a Button From Threading Your Way (she has other posts in her blogging series)

Build a Better Blog 3 from Sarahndipities.  This post is just one in her series.  Check out her other posts.

If you're worried about Picnik going away, you can find some other options here from It's Overflowing.

I know I need to organize my blog better.  Here are some tips from The Letter 4

And finally, monitizing your blog may be something you are interested in.  I Heart Naptime shares some ideas.

Happy Blogging!


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