Recap of Week 3 of the 5 Weeks of Kindness

Well guys, I’ve been so busy with my chair project along with getting my woman cave/craft area together, I haven’t done anything majorly “kind” this week.  Knowing I’d be busy, I decided to make this a week of little things.  For example, you can’t do much with just one penny, right?   Wrong!!  What if everyone in the world (approximately 7 billion people) donated just one penny?  This modest penny would add up to 70 million dollars!  This modest penny could do some amazing things!  So, little things do add up. So here’s what I did this week.

1.  Whenever I went through the checkout, I made sure I smiled at the cashier and greeted them by name (they always have a name tag on).  I then made sure to wish them a wonderful day when I left.

2.  For every comment I received on my blog, I replied back (I realize I am starting out so I don’t have tons of comments but everyone’s support and feedback is greatly appreciated).

3.  Whenever I visited someone’s link on a “link party”, I left a comment to let them know I enjoyed their posting.

4.  I made sure to thank my husband and son profusely for all their support in my woman cave transformation.

Now, for the most important, I want to thank YOU for all your wonderful support!  I’m so amazed by the generosity I’ve encountered in the blogging world!


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