Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recap of Week 1 of the 5 Weeks of Kindness

Well, it's been one week since I started the 5 weeks of kindness.  Although I have not done anything to change the world I have tried to do something that will brighten people days.  Here's what I did this week!

  • My husband is a small business owner and he luckily has very loyal and devoted employees.  To help make their day special, I made a loaf of poppyseed bread for them.  Just because!
  • My neighbors have a lovely newfoundland dog and a rescue which looks to me to be a border collie/black lab mix.  They are great and very supportive.  I gave them the second loaf...just because!
  • I wrote a wonderful letter of recommendation along with the reference request for a young person I know who is already working on getting a summer job.
  • I helped make boas for our marching band's support group:  the Cadence Club.  We are working to try to raise money for new uniforms (a total of about $40,000!)
  • I helped drive a young person, who does not have their drivers license, to a meeting and back home when their parents were unable to do so.
Although theses are not big, hopefully they made people's days a little brighter.  What have you done?


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