Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dream DIY idea for 2012 -- Concrete Counter Top!

I have an old house (built in 1888) and have been dreaming of moving my kitchen into a different room and then turning my old kitchen into a laundry/craft room.  Since my dream plans have me putting in a new kitchen, I am looking for ideas that can keep costs down.  Well, I ran across such an awesome idea!  Look!!

These are concrete countertops!!!!  OMG, they are beautiful and would be much cheaper than granite or ceramic tile!  And the site I found this on even has a tutorial.  Here's the link!

Do It Yourself Concrete Countertops - Tutorial

The blog I found this on is http://kellymoorebag.com/blog.

Can you imagine all the wonderful food goodies I could create for my loved ones on a countertop like this!  I am so excited for 2012!!


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