Shopping for the Lovable Nerd in your Life

In our household, there are my two boys, my daughter, my lovely hubby, and myself.  Of the 5 of us, 3 are Science/Math nerds:  especially my hubby and my older son.  This actually presents me with some challenges when it comes to finding Christmas presents.

Today is Cyber Monday.  Here are some links I found that I thought might be helpful if you find yourself scratching your head when you are looking for that “perfect gift” for the nerd in your life.

Cafe Press has some great “educational” t-shirts at this link
Here’s a sample

Cafe Press also has come awesome engineering t-shirts and gear at this link
Here’s a sample

In our household, our engi”nerds” have very dry senses of humor!  
If you know someone like that, the check out
They have all sorts of posters and such.  Here’s a poster your engineer might appreciate

Architette Studio at has some really cute cards and such for the architect/engineer in your life
Check out this etsy store

My guys also LOVE pie.  Perhaps the female geek in your life would like this cherry pie necklace at etsy store

I’m pretty psyched, now, to find some gifts for my guys!  

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